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Cemprotec Clutch Filler – 16.5KG


Cemprotec Clutch Filler – 16.5KG


Cemprotec Clutch Filler is a uniquely formulated cementitious material for sealing the surface gap at the interlock or clutch between piles prior to the application of cementitious anti-corrosion coatings.

It is a two component, water based, epoxy and cementitious modified polymer mortar for sealing the interlock or clutch between sheet piles.

It incorporates advanced cement chemistry, microsilica, fibre, epoxy and styrene acrylic copolymer technology to provide multi-functional protection with enhanced chemical resistance.

When mixed, it can be applied with a pointing gun exhibiting a high degree of thixotropy to enable ease of application and filling of the void without sagging.

It is specially formulated to chemically accelerate the passivation of ferrous metals even in the presence of chlorides and give maximum adhesion to steel.

Size: 16.5Kg

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