Fosroc Paveroc – 25KG


Net: £29.90

Fosroc Paveroc – 25KG


Net: £29.90

Fosroc Paveroc is a high performance, reinstatement concrete repair mortar for horizontal use on concrete pavements and floors.

Fosroc Paveroc uses:

  • Protects embedded steel reinforcement both internally and externally
  • Used for emergency patching of small areas of concrete pavements and floors

Fosroc Paveroc benefits:

  • Rapid strength gain — will generally accept foot traffic after 12 hours
  • High strength
  • Abrasion and weather resistant
  • One component, pre-bagged
  • Easily mixed with the addition of clean water
  • Forms excellent bond to concrete
  • Shrinkage compensated

To be primed with Fosroc Nitobond EP for concrete applications

Size: 25kg

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Additional information

Rapid strength gain

Generally accepts pedestrian traffic at 12 hours

High strength

Maximum abrasion and weather resistance

Single component

Pre-bagged and ready to use, requiring only the addition of clean water