Sikadur 31 CF Rapid – 6KG


Net: £83.30

Sikadur 31 CF Rapid – 6KG


Net: £83.30

Sikadur® -31 CF Rapid is a two-part adhesive repair mortar. With strong adhesive qualities, Sikadur® -31 CF Rapid is ideal for filling voids or repairing overhead and vertical structures. It’s ideal for use on; concrete, iron, stone, bricks, mortar, wood, polyester, steel, masonry, and glass.


  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Very good adhesion to most construction materials
  • Hardens without shrinkage
  • No primer needed
  • High initial and ultimate mechanical strength
  • Impermeable to liquids and water vapour

Size – 6KG

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Resistant against abrasion


Non-sag for overhead and vertical application


Resistant against liquids and water vapour

No shrinkage

No primer needed

High strength

Good adhesion to most surfaces