Flexcrete Unimatch – 25KG (Grey / White)


Net: £46.20 - £63.15

Flexcrete Unimatch – 25KG (Grey / White)


Net: £46.20 - £63.15

Unimatch is a single component, structural grade repair mortar, based on the latest polymer cement technology, which is suitable for the repair of damaged, honeycombed or spalled concrete. This repair mortar product is ideal for projects that require a high-aesthetic finish.

Flexcrete Unimatch can be used in vertical, overhead and other difficult areas of repair without the use of primers, special lightweight aggregates or support.

Advantages of Unimatch

  • Pre-packaged material requiring mixing with water on site and no special primers needed
  • Coloured aggregates can be blended in easily to achieve a perfect colour match
  • Low shrinkage and high bonding strength
  • Low hazard – low alkali content and chloride free

Size: 25KG

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Additional information


White, Grey

Single component

Ready to use and easy to apply

Highly waterproof

Adds resistance against liquid and water vapours

Colour and texture match

Achieved by mixing grades of grey and white at different ratios