Sikalevel 30 Latex Ultra – 25kg


Net: £20.50

Sikalevel 30 Latex Ultra – 25kg


Net: £20.50

Sikafloor 131 Level Latex Ultra is used to level uneven floors and screeds. The high-strength solution can withstand motor traffic. Once the solution has set, you can either apply floor coverings or leave it as a final wearing surface.

Sikafloor 131 Level Latex Ultra features:

  • Interior & exterior use
  • Can withstand vehicular traffic
  • Water and frost resistant
  • Fast setting – foot trafficable within 2 hours

How to use SikaLevel 30 Latex Ultra:

  • When using in wet or humid areas, use SikaLevel 30 with a damp-proofing membrane
  • Ensure underfloor heating is turned off 24 hours prior and post-application

Size – 25KG

Colour – Grey

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Additional information

Sets rapidly

Can withstand pedestrians within 2 hours


Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Lasting protection

Resistant against water and frost