Adomast Adocure Super – 25L


Net: £68.30

Adomast Adocure Super – 25L


Net: £68.30

Adocure Super locks moisture into freshly-cast concrete, allowing the cement to cure with maximum hydration. The easy-to-use spray covers concrete surfaces with a film that prevents any moisture from escaping.

How to use Adocure Super:

  • For freshly cast surfaces – Apply as soon final trowelling and tamping has been completed
  • For surfaces that have been struck from shuttering – Flood coat with water as soon as the formwork is struck, then apply the desired grade of Adocure Super

Adocure Super advantages:

  • Prevents premature drying out of the concrete
  • Reducing the risks of surface cracking
  • Reducing the risk of surface dusting
  • Improves the durability of the concrete surface

Size – 25L

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Additional information

Easy to use

Simple spray application

Locks in moisture

Prevents cement drying

Boosts durability

Reduces risk of cracking and dusting