Adomast Adocure WW – 25L


Net: £20.75

Adomast Adocure WW – 25L


Net: £20.75

Adocure WW locks moisture into freshly cast concrete. The solution also improves concrete durability by reducing the risk of cracking and dusting.

Adocure WW uses:

  • For use on freshly cast and vertical cast surfaces

Adocure WW benefits:

  • Economical and easy to apply
  • Prevents premature drying out of the concrete surface
  • Reduced risks of surface cracking
  • Improves the durability of the concrete surface

Size: 25 litres

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Easy to apply

Promotes durability

Reduces risk of surface cracking & surface dusting

Lasting protection

Greatly improves the durability of concrete surfaces