Adomast Adostrike – 25L


Net: £50.20

Adomast Adostrike – 25L


Net: £50.20

Adostrike is a mould oil that promotes a high-quality concrete finish. The solution is highly resistant against pedestrian traffic or rain.

Adostrike uses:

  • Designed for precast and general site use
  • Provides a clean, non-stained surface that is free from blowholes

Adostrike benefits:

  • Easy to apply by brush, spray or swab
  • High resistance to removal by foot traffic or rain
  • Low odour
  • Low hazard
  • Economical

Size – 25L

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Additional information

High-quality finish

For stain-free surfaces

Easy to apply

Use a spray, brush or swab

Compatible with a range of surfaces

Suitable for both sealed or unsealed timber formwork