Adomast Safelease – 25L


Net: £31.35

Adomast Safelease – 25L


Net: £31.35

SAFELEASE has been developed using the latest water soluble polymer technology to produce an environmentally friendly and highly efficient release material for concrete formwork on site.

Adocure Safelease uses:

  • Suitable for outdoor use, Safelease is a highly effective release material
  • Best-suited for white or fair-faced concrete

Adocure Safelease benefits:

  • Low odour
  • Low viscosity for easy application
  • Minimum blowhole formation
  • Provides a uniform, non-stained concrete surface

Size: 25 litres

Product Data Sheet (PDF)

Estimated delivery 1-2 working days to UK Mainland 

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Safe & environmentally friendly

Easy to apply

Low viscosity for ease of use

High quality finish