Adomast Safetard Gel – 25L


Net: £31.00

Adomast Safetard Gel – 25L


Net: £31.00

Adomast Safetard Gel is ideal for exposed aggregate finishes. The solution slows the set of surface cement within the new concrete that comes into contact with it.

Safetard Gel uses:

You can use Safetard Gel on vertical or ‘keyed’ surfaces. It’s also suitable for use on all types of formwork.

Safetard Gel benefits:

  • Doesn’t stain or discolour concrete
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Non-hazardous
  • Weather-resistant

Size: 25 litres

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Additional information

Easy to apply

Apply with a brush


Protects against rain, snow, sun etc


Single coat application


Non-flammable and non-toxic