Weber Five Star Grout – 25KG


Net: £14.95

Weber Five Star Grout – 25KG


Net: £14.95

Weber five star grout is a high-strength, precision grout that has been developed for applications where an economical grout with good flow and strength is required. Weber 5 star comes premixed and is primarily designed to be a flowing grout, so when mixed with water it’s extremely fluid. This can also be applied with a thicker, trowelable consistency.

Advantages of Weber Five Star Grout

  • Can be pumped, poured, trowelled or dry packed
  • Good flow properties
  • Can be applied in thicknesses from 10mm to 100mm
  • Does not significantly lose workability during pot life
  • Volume expansion when unrestrained is greater than 1.0%

Size: 25Kg

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Proven by ASTM C827 Early Volume Change of Cementitious Mixtures

Flexible application methods

Can be pumped, poured, trowelled or dry-packed


Does not contain iron, aluminium or other additives which have not withstood the tests of time