Webercem Eco Grout – 25KG


Net: £9.15

Webercem Eco Grout – 25KG


Net: £9.15

Webercem Eco Grout is a non-shrink, general-purpose grout. It’s designed for applications where adequate flow and strength are desired. Primarily a pourable grout, you can also use as a plastic or dry pack consistency.

Webercem Eco Grout uses:

This is a multi-purpose grout that is suitable for general gap filling, grouting baseplates and stanchions, underpinning and more.

Webercem Grout Eco benefits:

  • Good flow properties
  • Can be pumped, poured, trowelled or ‘dry-packed’
  • Can be applied in thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 100mm
  • Factory blended to eliminate on-site errors

Size: 25KG

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Additional information

General purpose

Suitable for use with a range of temperatures


Does not contain iron or aluminium


Can be applied in thicknesses from 10 mm to 100 mm