Densyl Mastic – CTN 6 x 3KG


Net: £144.75

Densyl Mastic – CTN 6 x 3KG


Net: £144.75

Densyl Mastic is a waterproof, non-setting mastic designed for sealing, filling and caulking. It’s ideal for duct sealing and preventing water or gas from escaping pipes.

Densyl Mastic features:

  • Adheres to PVC, metal, polyethylene and concrete
  • Maximum service temperature of 90°C
  • Petroleum mastic material

Densyl Mastic benefits:

  • Easy to apply
  • Not affected by water, acids and salts
  • Forms strong seal
  • Environmentally stable

Size – CTN 6 x 3KG

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Can mould around irregular fittings and joints

Wide temperature range

0°C to 70°C – 90°C maximum