Arbosil XL1099 – CTN 25 x 380ml


Net: £334.75 - £334.75

Arbosil XL1099 – CTN 25 x 380ml


Net: £334.75 - £334.75

Arbosil XL1099 is a one-part silicone sealant that cures when exposed to water vapour. When cured, a non-staining rubber seal is formed.

Arbosil XL1099 applications

This product is specifically designed to be used on man-made surfaces or sensitive natural substrates like granite, marble and pre-cast concrete. Arbosil XL1099 can also be used to:

  • Seal aluminium and PVCu window frames
  • Seal floor joints

Size: CTN 25 x 300ml

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Additional information


Ideal for substances like marble


Only requires water vapour to cure


Tough elastic sealant