Ceresit 3S – CTN 25 x 280ml


Net: £94.00 - £94.00

Ceresit 3S – CTN 25 x 280ml


Net: £94.00 - £94.00

Ceresit 3S is a single-component, rapid-curing joint sealant. When cured, it forms a tough but flexible seal and contains a fungicide to prevent mildew and fungal growth.

Ceresit 3S Applications

  • Bathrooms e.g. showers and sinks
  • Kitchens e.g. kitchen furniture and fittings
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Urinals
  • Cold rooms
  • Ceramic tiles

Ceresit 3S benefits

  • Single-component
  • Versatile
  • Forms watertight seal

Size: Carton 25 x 280ml

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Jasmine, White, Translucent


Resistant to fungal growth

Single component

Acetoxy curing and ready to use


Aids watertight jointing