Fosroc Nitoseal MS600 Grey – 600ml single & CTN 10


Net: £9.20 - £82.00

Fosroc Nitoseal MS600 Grey – 600ml single & CTN 10


Net: £9.20 - £82.00

Fosroc® Nitoseal MS600 is a reliable sealant for watertight movement joints. It has a fast-curing rate and provides excellent water resistance making it useful for applications such as constructing reservoirs and portable water tanks.

Fosroc® Nitoseal MS600 uses

Fosroc Nitoseal MS600 is suitable for sealing movement joints in buildings or structures that are partially or fully submerged in water for extended periods. This includes subways, sea walls, basements, reservoirs and more.

Fosroc® Nitoseal MS600 benefits

  • Approved for use with drinking water
  • Resists aerobic & anaerobic bacteriological contamination
  • It has a high level of water resistance
  • Excellent acid and alkali resistance
  • Forms a resilient rubber-like seal

To be primed with Fosroc Nitoseal MS2 Primer

Tools and equipment to be cleaned with Fosroc Equipment Cleaner 

Size – Single 600ml & CTN 10 x 600ml

Colour – Grey

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Single 600ml, CTN 10 x 600ml