Thioflex 600 Pouring Grade (Grey) – 5L


Net: £62.80

Thioflex 600 Pouring Grade (Grey) – 5L


Net: £62.80

Thioflex 600 (Pouring Grade) is a tough sealant designed to be used to seal expansion joints. This product can also be used to construct basements, subways and flooring.

Thioflex 600 Pouring Grade uses

Thioflex 600 pouring grade is suggested for initial sealant of horizontal surfaces, stress-relieving joints in floors and expansion joints.

Thioflex 600 Pouring Grade benefits

  • Meets international criteria
  • Forms a firm, stretchy, rubbery seal
  • It can accommodate both continuous and abrupt cyclic motions
  • Adheres to a wide range of substrates, including primed concrete, glass, aluminum, and stainless steel.
  • Excellent resistance to ageing

Size: 5 litres

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Additional information

High strength

Ideal for heavily trafficked areas such as subways

Highly adhesive

Compatible with most common substrates


Resistant to ageing and extreme temperatures