Hyload Original DPC – 20M Roll


Net: £12.50 - £125.75

Hyload Original DPC – 20M Roll


Net: £12.50 - £125.75

Hyload Original DPC is a polymeric substance that can be used to damp-proof brick, block, stonework, or concrete walls. This can be used when constructing both solid and cavity walls.

Hyload Original DPC advantages

  • Heavy compression resistance
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications
  • Easy to use
  • It can also be used as a cavity tray

Hyload Original DPC compatibility

Hyload Original DPC can be used with other Ruberoid waterproofing products as well as a wide selection of common construction materials.

Size: 20M Roll

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Additional information

Size Of Roll

100mm x 20M Roll, 150mm X 20M Roll, 225mm x 20M Roll, 338mm x 20M Roll, 450mm X 20M Roll, 600mm x 20M Roll, 900mm x 20M Roll


Over 40 years proven reliability


Can be used vertically, horizontally or as a cavity tray