Fosroc Mulseal DP – 25L


Net: £85.80

Fosroc Mulseal DP – 25L


Net: £85.80

Fosroc Mulseal DP is a protective seal used in construction to protect surfaces from damp. It contains a combination of bitumen rubber and latex for optimum protection.

Fosroc Mulseal DP advantages

  • Adheres to most building materials
  • It works with eco-friendly (green) concrete
  • Water vapour permeability is low
  • Easy application with a brush

How to use Fosroc Mulseal DP

Apply Fosroc Mulseal DP with a brush or squeegee. It’s recommended to apply two full coats as a minimum.

Before use, surfaces made from metal or timber should be primed with a coat of Fosroc Primer B2.

Size – 25L

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Additional information

Highly adhesive

Can be applied to most common materials


Resistant to sulphates and low water permeability