Preprufe Tape LT – 100mm x 15M


Net: £89.00

Preprufe Tape LT – 100mm x 15M


Net: £89.00

Preprufe Tape LT is a pressure-sensitive, double-sided, reinforced tape that is prepped and ready to use. Preprufe’s adhesive layers work together to form a seamless and continuous seal to concrete structures.

Preprufe Tape LT uses

The underside of the tape is coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that can be used to cover penetrations, GCP waterproofing membranes and projections.

Whereas the top side of the tape forms a weather-resistant protective coating, which will come into direct contact with the concrete.

Preprufe Tape LT benefits

  • Works in temperatures between -5°C and +30°C.
  • Forms strong bond to the substrate
  • Easily applied

Size – 100mm x 15M Roll

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Additional information

Tape Type

Preprufe LT, Preprufe HC


Can be applied to protrusions, penetrations and waterproof membranes


Top side of the tape has a protective coating