Fosroc Proofex L Section – 10M


Net: £108.00

Fosroc Proofex L Section – 10M


Net: £108.00

The Fosroc Proofex L Section is designed for concrete waterproofing and gas proofing. It’s commonly used in structures like car parks and basements and connects with internal and external corner sections.

Fosroc Proofex L Section features

  • Made from polyethene and has 2 butyl selvedge strips.
  • Can be used between horizontal and vertical membranes.
  • Comes with a butyl “closure” strip at either end.

How to apply Fosroc Proofex L Section

Bend at a 90-degree angle along its length to apply. Once you cut the strip, replace the closure strip at each end with the Proofex Engage Detail Strip or Total Tape.

Size – 10M x 250mm Each

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Additional information


Permanently bonds to concrete


Prevents water tracking between membrane and concrete

Simple application

No primer or protection needed