Proofex LM – 28KG


Net: £110.55

Proofex LM – 28KG


Net: £110.55

Proofex LM provides excellent waterproofing and damp proofing properties for basement structures or small pipe entries. It is designed to be used with Proofex waterproofing products.

Proofex LM benefits

  • Can be used on wet or damp surfaces.
  • Has the ability to flex and bridge cracks.
  • Easily applied with a trowel.
  • Free from solvents.

How to prepare a surface for Proofex LM

Clean the surface thoroughly and ensure it is free from all loose debris and all other adhesion obstructing materials. Remove laitance, mortar residues and other substances.

Size – 28KG Tub

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Environmentally friendly

Easy to apply

Simple trowel application


You can apply to damp surfaces