RIW Flexiseal Pro Red – 5KG & 20KG


Net: £154.00 - £518.25

RIW Flexiseal Pro Red – 5KG & 20KG


Net: £154.00 - £518.25

RIW Flexiseal Pro is a solvent-free epoxide solution that cures to provide a tough but flexible waterproof coating. The formula is also polymer-modified and has a variety of practical construction applications.

RIW Flexiseal Pro Red uses & benefits

RIW Flexiseal Pro is designed to be used as a damp proof membrane and prevents water from entering basements, decks, balconies and more. This product can also be used as a containment system in plant rooms and will bridge cracks in areas where movement is expected.

Benefits include:

  • Water and moisture barrier.
  • Extremely durable, but flexible.
  • Easily applied by hand or spray.
  • Can be used on damp surfaces.
  • Great resistance to chemicals & UV.
  • Shields surfaces from carbon dioxide & methane.

How to use RIW Flexiseal Pro

Prime surfaces with one coat of Flexiseal Pro Primer. Apply one coat to horizontal areas and two coats on vertical surfaces.

To be primed with RIW Flexiseal Pro Primer 

Size – 5KG & 20KG

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