Sovereign Injection Cream – CTN 12 x 600ml


Net: £184.70

Sovereign Injection Cream – CTN 12 x 600ml


Net: £184.70

The Sovereign Injection Cream is a waterproofing solution for masonry buildings that protects them against rising damp. When wet, it creates a long-lasting and durable hydrophobic barrier.

Sovereign Injection Cream features

  • Simple to put together and use.
  • 380ml cartridges come with both conventional nozzles and an extra-long nozzle.
  • A chemical damp proof course is formed by inserting the cream into mortar beds with a skeleton gun.

How to use Sovereign Injection Cream

  • From the other side, drill 12 mm holes to a depth of 15-20 mm.
  • Before adding the Sovereign Injection Cream into the cavity, remove any bore dust.
  • Use a skeleton gun to insert into the mortar bed at perpendicular joints.

Size – CTN 12 x 600ml

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Additional information


One pull on trigger will be sufficient for a one 12 mm hole

Easy to apply

You can apply the cream with a bulk injection gun


Any unused cream can be re-inserted into gun