Densostrip (Various sizes)


Net: £107.30 - £157.35

Densostrip (Various sizes)


Net: £107.30 - £157.35

Densostrip is a highly adhesive strip designed to seal joints between concrete units. You can use Densostrip for a range of applications, including pipes, manholes, and tunnel segments.

Densostrip features and benefits:

  • Forms flexible, yet watertight seal
  • Pre-formed bitumen strip
  • Meets BS EN 1917:2002 requirements for concrete manholes and inspection chambers (when used with Densostrip primer)
  • Resistant to chemical and biological degradation

How to use Densostrip:

Apply Densostrip with Densostrip Primer.

Available in various sizes & thicknesses

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Additional information

Size & CTN

12mm x 25mm (CTN 9 x 6M Rolls), 12mm x 60mm (CTN 4 x 6M Rolls), 12mm x 80mm (CTN 3 x 6M Rolls), 12mm x 120mm (CTN 2 x 6M Rolls), 20mm x 25mm (CTN 6 x 5M Rolls), 22mm x 40mm (CTN 5 x 4.5M Rolls), 25mm x 40mm (CTN 4 x 4M Rolls)

Excellent flexibility

Can mould around fittings


Withstands >0.5 bar

Root resistance

Contains additive to prevent penetration