Denso Paste – 2.5KG


Net: £27.30

Denso Paste – 2.5KG


Net: £27.30

Denso Paste is an anti-moisture and anti-corrosion sealing compound. It can be used to prime metal surfaces before applying Denso tapes or as a sealing compound for bedding thermal insulation. Denso Paste is also used as a rust-preventative primer for exposed metal that doesn’t crack, harden or dry.

Denso Paste application

  • Soft brown paste that can be applied underwater with a gloved hand
  • Can be applied by a stiff-bristled brush or roller
  • Rust prevention for metal, including pipes, wire ropes, rods and valves
  • Used to protect against gases, water and water vapour

Preparation before using Denso paste

It’s important to ensure that surfaces are clean, rust and flake-free. All moss and marine growth must be removed before application.

Size: 2.5KG

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Additional information

Prevents rust

Provides temporary protection for exposed metal


Does not dry, harden, or crack