Fosroc Primer 20 – 500ml & 5L


Net: £20.25 - £104.95

Fosroc Primer 20 – 500ml & 5L


Net: £20.25 - £104.95

Fosroc Primer 20 provides excellent results when used before Fosroc sealants. Applied by brush to porous surfaces, it’s a chemically active liquid that is non-toxic and generally easier to use than conventional primers.

Fosroc Primer 20 benefits

  • It’s simple to use and apply
  • Excellent adhesion

Fosroc Primer 20 features

  • Brush applied
  • Comes in liquid form
  • Single component primer

Size: 500ml & 5L

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500ml, 5L

Chemically active

Compatible with other Forsoc products

One-part primer

Ready to use