Adcor 500S – 25mm x 20mm x 5M Roll


Net: £67.15

Adcor 500S – 25mm x 20mm x 5M Roll


Net: £67.15

Adcor 500s (roll) is a rubber strip that prevents water from entering sub-structures. When it comes into contact with water, it expands and resists hydrostatic pressure.

Adcor 500s applications

Adcor 500S is a versatile product with many construction applications. This includes:

  • Construction joint sealing
  • Sealing floor slabs
  • Floor and wall pipe penetrations
  • Casting new and existing concrete

Adcor 500s benefits

  • Retains cohesive strength (when used at original or expanded volume)
  • Can be used without protective steel mesh
  • Resistant to freeze/thaw damage

Size – 25mm x 20mm x 5M Roll

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Withstands freeze-thaw cycling


Can be installed around unusual structures