Bitumen Paint – 5L & 25L


Net: £20.75 - £56.00

Bitumen Paint – 5L & 25L


Net: £20.75 - £56.00

Bitumen Paint is a black, solvent-based, thick liquid. Bitumen Paint is a cost-effective, anti-corrosive and protective coating for a wide range of building materials. However, the paint is commonly used with iron, steel, timber, and concrete.

Bitumen Paint benefits

The anti-corrosive qualities of Bitumen Paint protect against rust, corrosion and other types of degradation. The thick liquid also provides a protective barrier on the surface of building materials to keep out moisture.

Bitumen Paint applications

Bitumen Paint is commonly used to coat roofs, storage tanks, stairs and pavements. It is also applied to iron or steel roof sheets for waterproofing purposes.

Size – 5L & 25L

Colour – Black

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5L, 25L


Resistant to prolonged oxidation and alkalies and acids


Taint-free and protective black paint

Compatible with many surfaces

Metals, concrete, fibre cement, wood, asphalt etc