Sikalastic D10 (Sikalastic Roof Pro) – 15L


Net: £195.00 - £195.00

Sikalastic D10 (Sikalastic Roof Pro) – 15L


Net: £195.00 - £195.00

Sikalastic D10 (also known as Sikalastic Roof Pro) is a single-component, water-resistant protective roofing coating. Sikalastic 618 is ideal for exposed roof applications as it’s durable, long-lasting and resilient.

Sikalastic D10 is a cold applied liquid membrane and is recommended for the use of experienced professionals.

Advantages of Sikalastic D10

  • No mixing, easy and ready to use
  • Cold applied – requires no heat or flame
  • Seamless waterproofing membrane
  • Easily recoated when needed – no stripping required
  • Vapour permeable – allows the substrate to breathe
  • Fast curing
  • Long lasting waterproofing

Sikalastic D10 application

Sikalastic D10waterproofing membrane is compatible with a number of materials, including:

  • concrete
  • plywood
  • cement
  • asbestos
  • porous brickwork
  • OSB board

Size – 15 Litres

RAL Colours – 7011, 7045

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Additional information


RAL 7009, RAL 7011, RAL 7045


Requires water vapour to cure


Resistant to weather